React puts experience at the heart of learning and helps turn theory into practice. We offer practical skills courses, leadership and management development programmes, individual coaching and bespoke projects.

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Skills Training

Our standalone courses prepare participants for real challenges; building skills, flexibility and the confidence to apply what they learn in their working lives. We cover all aspects of personal, interpersonal and management development from critical conversations to personal presence and impact.

Some popular courses are below – call us to find out more

Leadership & Management Development Programmes

We approach the dilemmas of managing and leading in the 21st century in a practical way. It is important that our leaders not only know how to lead but can authentically do it. We focus on what makes the difference to their presence, resilience and their ability to influence people. We draw on the latest thinking to underpin and make sense of their experience of being a leader.

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

How will DEI help your organisation?

Building a diverse, equitable and inclusive organisation can help your business in more ways than you might think. Some of the benefits can include:

  1. Attract and retain talent from a diverse candidate pool
  2. Encourage innovation, new vision and opportunities for growth to your business
  3. Be seen as a DEI leader in your industry
  4. Greater customer insight and wider customer demographic reach
  5. Give your brand a competitive edge and improve company reputation


Key to react’s coaching is the opportunity for individuals to try out different options and to rehearse or rerun situations. This simple but very effective method quickly gets to the heart of the matter and embeds new behaviour at a deep level. We specialise in personal impact, presentation, confidence and critical conversation coaching.

Bespoke Projects

Our bespoke projects cover conferences, video production, policy launches, team building and much more. Do you have a specific need or issue and can't think of a solution? For example, many clients want help in bringing new policies, competency frameworks or values to life. We create ways to engage individuals and turn initiatives into everyday working practice. Whatever your project, give us a call to explore how we might help you. Our bespoke projects have covered conferences, video production, policy launches, team building and much more.