We were one of the first companies to bring a dramatic approach to business training and have been doing this for over 25 years. Our team understands the power of theatre and combines this with commercial insight and a positive approach.

Our Team

Miles Cherry
Executive Chairman

Miles founded React in 1993, pioneering drama-based learning experiences. Today, React is at the forefront of a global industry. Miles leads React on our mission 'to help people be successful'; empowering everyone to deliver world-class solutions with positivity and generosity. Miles would love to be a Zoo-keeper, but we won't let him do that quite yet!

Adrian Cook
Managing Director

Adrian facilitates and nurtures the smooth running and sustainable growth of React around the world. He joined and invested in React after 22 years helping people succeed in well-known brands. He harbours ambitions to semi-retire as the captain of his own Hawaiian fishing charter. Keep dreaming Adrian!

David Berman Howarth
Lead Design and Delivery Consultant

David is our design guru- adept at blending practical drama-based techniques, theory and technology. David enjoyed a successful acting career before bringing his considerable abilities to React. He is a talented coach and musician too... a great person to have around when you need something pitch perfect.

Lucy Henderson
Operations Manager

Lucy manages React's internal projects and office operations. She brings a wealth of project management experience, gained from large public and private sector organisations, to complex client projects. Lucy is an experienced Roller Derby competitor, so we need to double check what she means when she says 'get your skates on'.

Peter Bloom
Senior Project Coordinator

Pete coordinates all of React's projects and logistics in the UK and around the world; ensuring that all our clients and associates get what they need, where they need it, when they need it. Pete is a professional photographer and cheese aficionado. When Pete says 'Cheese!' a camera may not be involved.

Carly Randall
Senior Project Manager

Carly coordinates all of React's projects and logistics around the world; ensuring that all our clients and associates get what they need, where they need it, when they need it. Carly is a qualified fitness coach. The perfect person to know if you need to get in shape!

Max Bardsley
Creative Assistant

Max wears many hats at React. Whether it's co-designing learning experiences, creating social media content or directly helping our clients and associates, Max brings infectious positivity and generosity to everything he does. He is an adept mixologist too. 'Multi-talented' barely covers it...

Stewart O'Reilly
Video Production Lead

Stewart is React's video production partner. From script writing to filming and the editing suite, Stew's team have it covered. In addition to being a talented film-maker, Stew is an accomplished golfer, which means he has great instincts for choosing the right shot, be it on location, in the studio or on the green!

Rafferty Cherry
Reception Assistant

Rafferty has a busy schedule. However, when in the office he will make you feel very welcome. He always finds it 'absolutely fantastic!' and 'totally amazing!' that you are visiting.

Accountancy, Commercial Finance, Telemarketing and IT

A gentle acknowledgement to our camera-shy supporting Stars: Sandeep, Shuie, Rosie, Anton, QuickBooks, and Guru...we simply couldn't do this without you!

React and Meta Team
Our Strategic Partners for Team Development

We are delighted to welcome our strategic partners Meta Team to the world of React; combining three decades of experiential expertise with the world class end to end team development solution from Meta Team, which harnesses a unique algorithm that identifies high impact team behaviours and sequences development through original behavioural workouts.

Our actors

Our carefully chosen network of React Actors spans many ages, locations and professional backgrounds. Each member of the team has a talent for bringing situations to life, connecting with people and giving constructive feedback.

Specialist Associates

Since starting out in 1993, we have developed a network of trusted partners in areas ranging from process management to brand consultancy. We draw on this network to put together the right team for each project.