We have a core team in the UK and an international network of actors, trainers and facilitators. To date, we have tackled projects in over 30 countries.

Our UK team will fly anywhere to work with your people. And, since 2011, we’ve seen the value local actors bring to learning events. We’ve built strategic hubs around the world, so we can get to you quicker and more immediately understand your context.

We’re confident in our global reach, but also committed to growth. Your needs are our greatest impetus, so if you need local people near you and it doesn’t look like we’ve got you on our map, let us know. With a little bit of time we can recruit, train and support local actors to become effective resources to help you be successful.

See our blogs documenting the story of building our facility in each of our strategic global hubs:

Interactive map of React's international network of actors

Case Study - Oil and Gas

USA, India, China, UK 

This organisation wanted to create Leadership Excellence by inculcating a culture of coaching in the Senior Level Leaders. A programme designed and delivered by world experts in coaching placed huge importance on practice with React Actors. We helped deliver dozens of programmes over 2 years. A core team of UK associates trained, coached and mentored local actors to ensure maximum effectiveness and local cultural nuance. Participants reported that the practice over two days left them prepared to make a real change in their working lives.

Case Study - Investment Bank

India, South Africa, Lithuania, Singapore, UK 

This bank was interested in using coaching to drive high performance across its global offices, in particular, in helping managers of teams working and living in multiple countries. React Actors played characters with difficult dilemmas and performance issues. The programme took place over 3 modules, with actor practice on 1st and 3rd modules. The difference between module 1 and 3 was dramatic.

Case Study - Financial Services

New York, London 

This credit ratings firm wanted to help its HR and Finance Departments to become trusted advisors to the rest of the company. This is a great example of a React Programme in the UK extending overseas with success. React designed and piloted the programme in London and then adapted the scenes, briefed the actors from NYC in detail and visited the states to support the first parts of the programme.