React Actors

There are actors and there are React Actors. Our people combine a talent for bringing situations to life with practical training knowledge. A team of over 150 people includes former barristers, managing directors and many more besides.

Many companies provide actors for business learning, but we believe our team's quality, flexibility and ‘house style’ sets us out among the rest. People from organisations large and small, across the world, regularly come back to us to request the same actors again and again. The following criteria articulates the qualities we look for when growing our team:


We look for actors who have experience of working in corporate environments. We are particularly interested in actors who have had careers in other industries (e.g. Law or Marketing) before making the move into acting. Additionally, we require a commitment from our team to research and develop their knowledge of different organisations.


The priority for a React Actor is to help participants develop in line with the learning objectives of a programme. This requires an understanding of the material and the actor to be completely focused on the participant and the learning experience. By working skilfully, flexibly and with self awareness the actor can give a participant appropriate challenge - supporting learning and enabling them to develop.


It is important to work with the boundaries of reacting within in a brief.But it is also important that actors have the ability to think on the spot and improvise in a situation where they might have limited information from which to form a character and behave authentically in a situation. An actor’s business experience,vocabulary and mental agility is important here, enabling them to maintain realistic practice exercises for participants.


Our actors give feedback that is constructive, non-judgemental and evidence based. A key skill is being able to be ‘present’ in one-on-one role plays - at the same time remembering exactly what the participant did during the role play, so that our feedback relates to tangible evidence. Useful feedback has no value judgements about being ‘good’ or ‘bad’, but is based purely on the impact of the participant’s behaviour on what we – in character – were thinking and feeling.


React is known for being customer focused. We do everything we can to make sure our customers are happy with the service we provide. That means our actors are friendly, prompt, flexible and seek to be helpful at all times, from responding quickly to an on-the-spot briefing from a trainer, to helping clear up at the end of the day.