React: Executive Coaching

React coaching helps individuals to master the skills and self-assurance needed to apply what they have learned in the real world, supporting them to become the best version of themselves and gives efficient and transformational outcomes in terms of personal development and return on investment.

Our fully qualified executive coaches have a drama-based background enabling them to connect and emotionally engage with individuals on goals and issues, both mentally and practically, to accelerate learning and performance change.

Traditional executive coaching raises self-awareness, reflection and enables individuals to identify strategies and solutions. Our approach utilises the benefits of these principles and combines them with drama-based interventions, giving participants the opportunity to ‘learn from doing’ for an enhanced agile learning experience and a fast track to embedding new behaviours.

Our accredited coaches have a wealth of experience in facilitating growth and development through the application of experiential, practice-based methodologies. They use executive coaching techniques to help the individual reflect and focus on their own resourcefulness to create a potential solution, and then together explore these solutions using drama-based techniques, co-creating strategies that can be rehearsed to rapidly ensure new behaviours are engrained.

We have a diverse client portfolio and a renowned reputation for the work we do on Learning & Development programmes, having worked with both private and public sector organisations globally, on a one-to-one basis, from the ‘shop floor’ to the C-suite.

We offer participants the opportunity to work intensely with our coaches over weeks or months to achieve their goals, helping individuals to find their true voice, confidence and sense of self.