Why ditching my fitness tracker changed my life!

Watches are no longer just for telling time. They can now be used to read texts, listen to music, pay for things. They can even check your heart rate and count your steps. This makes them perfect when starting out on your fitness journey as it can boost motivation, keep you accountable and help to understand the amount of exercise you’re doing each and every day. Twin that with a food tracking app and surely, it’s a recipe for healthy success.


Meet the Team: Our Founder.

Welcome to our first ‘Meet the Team’ post! I thought it would be a nice idea to interview the different members of the team that work behind the scenes here at React. And I can think of no better place to start, than with Miles, the founder and Executive Chairman of React.


How to stop procrastination…and get on with it!

Putting off important tasks. Tricking ourselves into thinking that video of a sausage dog in a funny coat, running around to the Benny Hill theme tune is much more deserving of our attention. It’s called procrastination, and we all do it to some extent. However, maybe when you find yourself putting things off too often, it’s time for a small change.

Here are a few simple ways to help you become more efficient and cut down on that unwanted procrastination.


The Pros and Cons of New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year!! (I’m not sure when it gets too late in the month to say that?)

2022 is finally in full swing, and inevitably…New Year brings New Year’s resolutions. While I can certainly see the benefit. I must admit, I have a love-hate relationship with them. So, let’s talk about both the pros, and cons of these New Year’s Resolutions…


The best investment you can make right now...

With the current global situation and a second lockdown in sight, it’s more important than ever to look after our mental and physical health. Taking some time for yourself can have such a positive effect on your mood. Whether you’re going through a recent job loss, on furlough or working from home. These times can be difficult for us all. Here are a few tips to help ease stress and feel a bit more positive.


Why digital media works with React learning experiences

Why you can be confident about online learning experiences with React...

We are very keen to share, and show, how React can provide you with sustainable, scalable and reproducible learning experiences online.

Confident & capable - Our drama-based methods definitely work online

During this challenging time clients are experiencing great results from our drama-based methods and exercises delivered virtually/online e.g. 'Forum Theatre', ‘Talking Heads’, Role-play practice and Coaching. In fact, they are working so well that we will offer our Online Services permanently along-side our face-to-face work. You can read examples of 'virtual' work in the last section of this post.

We would like to invite you to take a peek BEHIND THE SCENES at React...


Online and Virtual Services Brochure

The team at React have oodles of experience working remotely on the best digital platforms with virtual tools.We are using what we have learned to help people to be engaged, connected and productive during these unusual times.

And we are confident that when it comes to learning new skills online and building the high levels of influence and personal impact you need, our emotionally resonant approach is hard to beat!