React presents…learning hacks

Our aim is always to be disruptive in the marketplace, and demonstrate the confidence we have in what we do and how it can positively impact you. So, with that in mind, we are proud to present our new learning hacks series.

If you’re familiar with the ‘life hack’ videos, that offer tricks or ‘hacks’ to use every day objects for a multitude of tasks, usually far removed from their original purpose, you’ll understand the concept behind our learning hacks.

We wanted to take this simple, accessible idea and apply this philosophy to learning and training. All of the topics will be far ranging, but linked to deconstructing behavioural skills, giving you the opportunity to sharpen up on a particular skill or learn something new.

Rather than just corporate training, we hope that these videos will also help the general public, whether it’s someone who’s going for a promotion and needs to know how to assert themselves, or a first job interviewee who wants to boost their confidence.

Our series of learning hacks embrace our theatrical roots with an improv style, and offer short, bite-size videos, with an element of React humour and fun, which we’ll post on our YouTube channel and share across social media.

Our first learning hack will be on our YouTube channel this week…. in the meantime, if you want to find out more about React and what we do, drop us a line on 01727 858508. 

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