React presents…learning hacks

If you’re familiar with the ‘life hack’ videos, we wanted to take this simple, accessible idea and apply this philosophy to learning and training.


Thoughts on our Performance - Plain & Simple event

For one-day only this year on 16 October 2018 at Rooms on Regent's Park, we teamed up with andpartnership, experts in leadership development, organisational change and talent development, to create a unique event, Performance – Plain and Simple.


Rediscovering the Storyteller Inside

Harnessing the power of storytelling has always been a ‘secret sauce’ for top business leaders; disappointingly the heights reached by Shakespeare and Spielberg are rarely matched in business, with many executives constraining this power within the limitations of presentations and speeches


Get out of the way of yourself!

I am more and more struck that if your body language and voice tone is congruent with your words it becomes ’invisible’ to your audience.