Bringing about change

Whereas invention is about bringing new creations to life; innovation is about bringing new life to previous creations.

Clearly creativity is needed in either case. However, you or others, may well have already created something that needs invigorating.

Perhaps less energy/resources is required to take another look at an idea, product or process that already exists and see what collaboration, based on high trust, can achieve?

Edison's celebrated exertions supposedly found 999 ways of how not to invent a lightbulb on his illuminating journey. Exhausting...

Yet the myriad innovations since have now made our planet look akin to Edison's lightbulb from space!

(Mind you, our desire to push back the darkness isn't great news for the confused wildlife.)

So perhaps to be 'successful' in business nowadays you really don't need to bust a gut (re)inventing your proverbial wheel... it may be more a question of teaming up with a trusted ally and taking a fresh look at the familiar?

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