Our New Look React

React has been Acting for Business for 21 years. And the name we operated under had a very clear message about what we did. We have been very successful, helped thousands of businesses, and become a leading drama-based training company.

But we wanted to update our message, avoid stagnation, and develop a vision for the next 21 years. We want to become the ‘go to’ world leading experts in creative learning experience.

So, first we took a long look in the mirror. And reflected on three things. We are:

• Not just a reaction • Not just acting • Not just business

Not just reaction: we are known for responding to our clients quickly and effectively to meet their needs; our actors are experts in providing realistic reactions so that participants experience realistic pressure and directly see the impact of their actions; and we have been nimble and lean, responding to challenges and fluctuations in the market to continue to provide the highest service.

But we don’t want to just provide a reaction. We want to be proactive and positive in how we help people be successful. In fact, we have developed three react values that articulate our commitment to past success and guidelines for our future. These values are ‘Positive’, ‘Generosity of Spirit’ and ‘Creative Excellence’. We think these values will help us move beyond simply reacting and become an organisation that shapes thinking in the world of learning and development.

Not just acting: our React Actors are amongst the best in the business. And it makes us proud when clients tell us they can instantly tell the difference between React Actors and other actors. And the difference is, they aren’t just actors. They’re much more. They are experts in feedback, always able to give Positive, non-judgemental, evidence-based feedback that will help people be successful. Many React Actors are qualified coaches and facilitators and even trainers, and their input can offer a Generosity that surpasses expectation. And our actors are deft improvisers who can flex to each individual and Create Excellent learning experiences. Furthermore, React can offer experiences that bring in other artistic or psychological skills. We are not just a group of actors.

Not just Business. We’ve helped many businesses, from local enterprises to global companies, be more successful. But we also work with charities, government, other organisations and individuals. What all our activity holds in common is that it helps people be successful. Whatever keeps you busy, whatever business occupies your brain, we want to help you be successful.

The brand 

So we are now simply React: We’ve kept the name we know and love for its connotations of actors and reactions and impact. We’ve added a colon, because react isn’t just ‘Acting for Business’, react can mean any manner of thing to the different individuals we interact with. You can populate the space after the colon. And it can always at the same time be a call to action: to react positively, or creatively, or equitably, or assertively, or patiently.

Our new colours. We felt our yellowy orange colour allowed for more gentleness than the old bold red. But it was also a differentiator. A bright shining light amongst a field of blues, blacks and reds. We’re proud to pin those colours to our masts.

The look. We want to keep it simple, so you can find what you want from our website, from our materials and from us. But as Shakespeare once wrote, we want to avoid “simple truth miscalled simplicity”. We will endeavour to deliver even the most complex ideas in as simple a vehicle as possible. That way, we hope to help people be successful.

The future

This is a process that started with us in preparation for our 21st Birthday as a company. It has involved hours of discussion, debate and consultation. But it is just the starting point. The future lies in how we interact with you.

React: enthusiastically

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Our New Look React